Craigscourt Gundogs. Where Champions are Bred, Reared & Trained.
Craigscourt Gundogs. Where Champions are Bred, Reared & Trained.

FTW Craigscourt Captain Jack 'Buzz'

Buzz is one of our youngest boys in the kennel but has already proven himself in the field gaining 1st in Novice Working Tests & Winning his 1st Novice AV Field Trial this year in his first season in Field Trials.



Buzz is a very strong, well made, honest type of a dog. He is always oozing happiness and never stops wagging his tail even after a hard day in the field. He is a joy to take out and work & mixes well with other dogs and likes to hunt all types of cover.​


Buzz was bred by ourselves so we are absolutely thrilled to have our very first home bred Field Trial winner standing at stud in our kennels.

Stud Dog Terms & Conditions

  •  We will check as far as possible that the pedigrees of potential bitches are correct and are suitable to be bred with our dogs.
  •  All breeding terms or stud fees will be arranged by mutual agreement in writing between Craigscourt Gundogs and the owner of the bitch before the mating takes place.
  •  All bitches wherever possible will be brought to the Craigscourt Kennels for mating.
  •  We will not allow our stud dogs to mate a bitch if we feel that the mating will be detrimental to the breed.
  •  We will endeavour to help the owner of the dam to place puppies in the correct homes.